2013 writing meme

Stolen copied from Seascribe because my children were running around like wild things and climbing on me and requiring juice and to be told not to pull the leaves off the plant and DON'T HIT YOUR SISTER! I SAID STOP THAT! I'LL TAKE THAT RABBIT AWAY IF YOU KEEP FIGHTING OVER IT! and I couldn't concentrate on the fic I was trying to write so it seemed like the next best thing was to feel pleased with myself for the fic I've already written.
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And on to the meme!

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help me not to respond to dS anon

I left a long rambling comment of incoherent love on Garonne's brilliant fic The Way the World is (I think there's a clue in that title, anon), and got a reply from an AO3 guest calling themselves "I just don't get it". I don't want to respond on AO3 because it's Bad Manners to have an argument in the comments to someone's fic, but it's late and I'm cross so can I just share this here?

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Domestic Complaining

If I'm going to do this LJ thing, it's time to stake my colours to the mast and let everyone (all four of you!) know that this will be a home for both due South and for Domestic Complaining.

(Oops I have added a "read more" I didn't mean to and can't get rid of it. Don't bother to click, there's nothing there! I didn't think there was anything harder than removing a Page Break from Word, but apparently there is.)
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This morning, for example, being the high-achieving couple that we are, Spanish Husband and I managed to fit in a fight before breakfast based on an incident involving an English certificate (his) and a cheque for £300 (mine, but made out by childminder to him) and a purple felt tip pen without the lid on (Child 2's; confiscated by me for drawing on the floor and, alright, unwisely placed on top of the aforementioned articles by me). My preferred arguing technique is the Benton Fraser school of incremental eyebrow raises until the other person is so enraged they run out of steam because they've got nothing to go on, but I almost cracked and yelled back that if his damn certificate was so important, what the fuck was it doing sitting on top of the chest of drawers in the sitting room which is a dumping ground for every single piece of crap that enters the house? But I did not say that. I sulked instead until he came to apologise.

The pre-breakfast fight is by no means our crowning achievement through: we also rock the middle-of-the-night hissing with rage fight, where Child 2 has woken up and it is somehow the other person's fault that she wouldn't go back to sleep in complete silence. But those ones don't last long, because deep down we both know this is transference: it is both mean and pointless to get angry with a 2 year old at 3am, so the psychologically healthy thing to do is blame the 2 year old's other parent. If they only had the magical fucking powers to control all of time and space that they were supposed to have, she'd sleep through the night and not get up til 8am, and we'd live in a mansion and eat diamonds for breakfast, and they'd have made another series of due South where RayK and Fraser kiss all the time and RayV keeps rolling his eyes and giving Fraser (much needed) relationship advice.

(I just tried to set my mood to 'sulking', but apparently LJ doesn't include that in its dropdown list. A grave oversight.)

what is LiveJournal how when why?

Despite having happily wasted entire months of my life on other people's LJs, I find I have no idea how to make my own work. Hmm can I make it work? Can I find due South on here? I guess this is what they mean by late to the party.